Practical Office Baby Shower Ideas

Offices now are usually much smaller, giving rise to more tightly-knit departments and staff. It's become more common now to think of them as a “family” rather than co-workers, and at no time do these feelings appear more than when a co-worker is expecting a baby. Ideas for an office baby shower get thrown around and finally one is in the works.

If you're the one that's been volunteered to plan for the office baby shower, here are some great ideas for you to use:

Timing is crucial. In an office setting, you can't spend more than your requisite lunch hour or an hour after work to have your baby shower. Plan everything out and set a tight schedule to fit in everything you've planned. In this case, it's better to have less rather than more.

Your guest list needs careful consideration. You could invite your whole department if it's just a small one, or also add a few of the parent-to-be's friends from another department. Remember too, that not everyone may be able to attend the office baby shower. It would also be a fun surprise for the guest of honor if you invite their significant other to the shower.

Set the budget. Not everyone at the office can afford to give the same amount, so think of how the expenses will be distributed. Your co-workers could go potluck for the party and chip in whatever they can afford for a group baby gift. One of the ideas for the office baby shower that you must remember is that when going potluck, remember it's not just food that is needed. Paper goods, disposable utensils, non-alcoholic drinks, and decorations are all requisites for the party, too.

The party time will determine what needs to be brought. For example, lunchtime would probably call for a one-pot meal and cake, after office hours would just need cake and drinks. If the food budget is really tight and the only free time is at lunch, you could just ask everyone to brown-bag their lunch for the day and just chip in for cake.

One of the more practical office baby shower ideas is to keep decorations low-key and simple. If you just have an arrangement of flowers or balloons that would be low-key enough for the mommy or daddy-to-be to keep at their desk or small enough to take home.

A double-duty office baby shower decorating idea would have to be the party banner. While it's something very easily purchased or printed out, it sets the mood of the celebration very nicely. Plus, all the attendees can sign it or write their thoughts and wishes for the baby on it to make it a keepsake gift.

Since the time is short, you will not be able to play any of the traditional silly games in an office baby shower. If you do want to have an activity, a paper-based game is easy and can be played while eating, if needed. Baby crossword puzzles and word searches are all easily downloaded and printed out. Need a simple prize? A $5 gift certificate to the local coffee shop is just right.

Speaking of gifts, do remember that the parent-to-be will need to cart that home afterward. So, while a large gift like a stroller sounds good, a gift certificate for the store they are registered in would be one of the better office baby shower ideas.