Appropriate Office Baby Shower Games

When hosting an office baby shower, the baby shower games are usually last on the list of priorities. The shortened time and the more formal corporate atmosphere put a damper on the usual rambunctious games that are part of the baby showers that are held at home or are more of close gatherings of family and friends.

Actually, baby shower games are discouraged at office baby showers. These really do not go along with the professional atmosphere of work and also since office showers are shorter since people have to get back to work there is often not enough time.

However, if activities are requested for the office baby shower, the baby shower games should be quick, simple, and quiet. There are a few that fit in this description and can be adapted for the office setting.

One of the more popular office baby shower games is baby crossword. The games are downloaded easily over the internet and printed out in as many copies that are needed. Instead of the more common words that are used on regular crossword puzzles, all the words have something to do with babies and pregnancy.

Another kind of paper-based game is baby word search. Again, based on the regular word search games, all the words here are based on pregnancy. These are also available online and can be personalized to fit the celebrant as well.

Baby name scramble is an easy game based on the name that is to be given to the baby. If there's no name yet, the attendees can think of a name that could be suitable for a baby. The object of this game is to make as many words as possible using just the name of the baby.

A very helpful game is to provide each attendee with an envelope for a thank-you note where they write their names. The envelopes are then dropped into a large box and one is drawn out before the office baby shower ends. The winner of this baby shower game is the one whose name is drawn in the lottery. You can have more than one winner for this lottery.

Prizes that are given for these games should be very simple and inexpensive. Gag gifts like wrapped crackers or office supplies like paper clips, pencils, or Post-it Notes would be suitable for this. A serious gift could be an inexpensive office set or maybe a gift certificate to the local coffee shop.

Games are fun and do add to the atmosphere of the office baby shower; just remember that office baby shower games should not distract from other people that are working at that time.