Office Baby Shower Decorations: Keep Them Simple

Unlike the over-the-top décor that can be used at private and at-home baby showers, office baby shower decorations have to be very simple, have a double purpose, and be easy to put together and dismantle. They also have to be easy to bring home. Despite the many considerations you have to make when choosing office baby shower decorations, it's the preferred way for the host/hostess to set the scene for the celebration.

There are some things to think about when choosing the right office baby shower decorations to use. Any elaborate baby shower decorations should be out. Lugging all of that to the office and back home again should give anyone pause if they're considering it. And if you're thinking of dumping it all in the garbage, the cleaning crew will definitely not be very happy with you!

Balloons are easy enough to bring when flat but are a pain to blow up. You want an almost instant party here – you only have an hour at the most, right? More time should be spent on the party itself rather than setting it up. Other traditional decorations like streamers also take a long time to put up.

Look at the folding paper goods that are used for decorations at regular birthday parties. Chances are, there is something in your chosen theme you can use. These table decorations and banners fold flat and can be put out and kept very quickly. They're also lightweight, which means it's not going to be a problem for you to bring them and take them home.

Other paper goods that can be used for decorating are computer-printed banners that can be personalized to suit both the theme and the celebrant. This can be signed by your co-workers and kept as a keepsake if little words of advice and good wishes are written on it.

Good choices for table decorations are a simple floral bouquet or a miniature balloon arrangement. These are nice for the guest of honor to keep on the desk or even to bring home. The decorations serve as a gift for the parent-to-be, too.

The gifts that are to be presented can also be utilized as table decorations. For example, if the chosen theme is a color baby shower, and you've chosen blue, ask the attendees to have the presents wrapped in blue gift wrapping, and arrange them in a nice pile on the food table. Or, little supplies like baby wipes, baby bath solution, baby powder, diapers, and such can be arranged in a pretty basket that can be reused in the baby's room or in an open baby bag “spilling” onto the food table.