New Baby Poems

Once the baby arrives, everyone who loves and cherishes the happy family is welcome to send a greeting card. These cards should include wishes and happiness for the arrival of a new life.

When it comes to the selection of new baby poems, you can utilize limitless web resources. A multitude of websites present poems created specially for the account. You can also buy a greeting card that contains a poem inside. However, remember that writing the message yourself is much more personal.

If you want to use a poem to welcome the new baby, you can make use of one of the following options:

A baby changes things;
They’ll never be the same;
Your life is filled with wonder,
Since your little miracle came.

There’s lots of things to do now,
But with the new tasks you face,
Your family gains more love,
And bonds time will never erase.
Congratulations on your new addition!

A Baby is a Blessing
A Gift from Heaven above
A Precious Little Angel
To Cherish and to Love.

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes,
The sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose!
A baby is teddy bears, rattles and pins,
Meals at midnight... giggles and grins.

Two tiny feet
That wave in the air
Two tiny hands
That tug at your hair
Cute bottom for patting
Adorable face
A bundle of joy
To love and embrace