Baby Shower Invitation Poems

Poems can make baby shower invitations extra special. A poem has been created for nearly every theme and type of party held.

When it comes to selecting baby shower poems, you can either make your own or select an internet poem. These are mostly simple but very cute and effective. When combined with the right visuals, these poems will turn the invitation into something truly memorable.

How to Choose Baby Shower Invitation Poems
When selecting a baby shower invitation poem, you will have to take several aspects of the party in consideration.

Focus on the theme and the type of the party. If it is a couples baby shower, you will have to mention the fact in the invitation. You can also discover poems related to the majority of baby shower themes traditionally held.

The poem can also be used to help guests decide what gifts to bring. It will also be specific if the baby is a girl, a boy or if the mom-to-be is expecting twins. Apart from very fun, the poem can be informative, letting guests know what will be happening and the type of participation that will be expected from them.

Baby Shower Invitation Poems
When coming up with the invitation, you can make use of one of the following poems. All of them are appropriate for a general baby shower and refrain from indicating the baby’s sex:

Let's welcome the baby and mommy-to-be
And shower with love, with gifts, and with glee.
Come to Saturday's luncheon and you will find
That you will have a really good time.

There's a baby on the way
So come celebrate that day
Join with us and have some fun
Before the hard work's all begun
We will laugh and we will play
As our shared joy we convey
To a gal who needs some cheer
As that day gets ever near

A baby! A baby! A baby's on the way!
Come on over and together we can play!
Nothing like a shower to brighten your day!
Are you coming? Well? What do you say?

A baby shower I am hosting
An invitation I am posting
So come along and celebrate
If you’re free on that date
Come and join in all the fun
Food and games for everyone