Baby Shower Invitation Examples and Ideas

If you thought there were many different examples of wedding announcement invitations, you will be surprised as to how many different examples of baby shower invitations there are! There are so many aspects to consider when choosing a baby shower invitation and personalizing it. First, you need to decide as to how you want to send out the baby shower invitation. You can send the baby shower invitations out to your guests via email by using websites or you can send them out through the mail. Next, you have to decide if you want to design them on your own by using a template or you can have a professional design them. Whether you choose to design the baby shower invitations on your own or through a professional, there are many, many different baby shower examples that you can choose from. After you have chosen your design from the examples of baby shower invitations, you need to decide on a place and date. Wording is also very important when designing a baby shower invitation. There is pertinent information that needs to be included and it should flow nicely throughout the baby shower invitation. Lastly, you may also want to include a personal message or a poem. This article gives you different examples of baby shower invitation layouts and methods in which you can choose the design and the manner in which you send them.

If you decide to go the “Green” route and email your invitations, then try one of the websites that allow you to design, personalize and email out your baby shower invitations. These websites offer many examples of baby shower invitations from which you can choose from and even personalize. They will walk you through the process of designing your baby shower invitation all the way to gathering your contact list from your personal email account. If you decide to go the traditional route and have a professional design your baby shower invitations, be ready to sit down with a book of baby shower examples. From this book you will be able to choose the layout. You can choose a flat card in the shape of a square, rectangle or something more exciting. There will also be other examples such as bi-fold, tri-fold and other baby shower invitation designs.

Once you have decided on the layout of your baby shower invitation, you will need to choose wording. There are two aspects to the wording section. The first aspect is all of the important information such as the date, time, location, and RSVP information. The front of the baby shower invitation should announce the event. You can make it a blatant as saying “Save the Date” or You’re Invited to a Baby Shower” or you can be cute and have a baby’s photo with the full name of your newborn baby. After announcing the event, you will need to follow with information about the event. If you have chosen a one page baby shower invitation, then this information such as the date, time, location, and RSVP information will follow after the announcement of the event. If your baby shower invitation is a bi-fold then the information should appear on the inside of the invitation. If you have chosen a tri-fold design, then place the pertinent information on the inside left side of the baby shower invitation.

After announcing the event and giving the important information, you may want to get creative by adding a saying or including a poem about babies or motherhood. This can appear at the bottom of a bi-fold baby shower invitation or on the right-hand side of a tri-fold baby shower invitation. You can either write your own poem or you can include one of the many poems that can be found on the internet or in books. One such poem that is commonly used in baby shower invitations reads as follows:

With Tiny Hands
With tiny hands and tiny feet
I hope that very soon we'll meet.
I hope that you will stay a while
And make my mommy (and daddy) smile.
And although I can't be there today
There's something that I'd like to say,
Thank you for your gifts and wishes
And please help mommy with the dishes.
Love from Baby.

These are just a few examples of baby shower invitations. Regardless of what style of baby shower invitation you design remember first to have fun. This is your announcement to friends and family about the birth of your child. It is a celebration of their life and your miracle. After completing your invitation, take a few moments to re-read it to make sure that everyone’s questions would be answered by the invitation. “What is the date and time?” “Where will it be held?” “Who is having the party?” “How do I respond?”