Fun Baby Shower Food Ideas

Baby shower planning requires a lot of time, and not to mention patience. There's decorating to do, guests to invite, and so much more. Another thing on your baby shower to-do list probably has something to do with food. What good what a baby shower be without delicious baby food? Of course you can do the typical types of foods that you'd find at most baby showers like vegetable trays and chips, but if you really want your baby shower to be unique and memorable, definitely devote some of your time to finding out recipes to make different types of fun baby shower food. Not only is this food fun to make, it's great to eat and all of your guests are sure to love it.

One extremely fun baby shower food is a Watermelon Baby Carriage. You will want to cut the watermelon vertically, and then cut about 1/3 of the top of the watermelon off from each half, leaving with about 3/4 of watermelon left. This piece should be hallowed and will be used as the carriage cover. Then scoop out the watermelon and cut it into chunks or little balls. You can also add other types of fruit such as grapes, oranges, pineapple, and other types of melons. You can slice oranges and attach them as the wheels of the carriage. Toothpicks will hold them on. This is a great dish to put on the main food table.

You can also very easily transform a common finger, snack food, or drink into the perfect food to match your baby shower. For instance, let's take drinks. Of course you will probably buy all different types of sodas and juices, but to really entertain your guests while providing them with good food, create your own punch for guests to drink! You can find plenty of punch recipes online or in cookbooks. One of the easier punches to make for a baby shower is to purchase a clear soda (like 7Up, Sprite, Sierra Mist, etc.) and then add fruit to the punch. You can find flavored ice that you can also add to give it a great flavor. To serve your punch, put it in a newly-bought baby tub and be sure to provide a ladle. You can also provide bottles instead of cups. Just make sure the nipples of the bottles are cut so that it is easier to drink.

Another way to spruce up a common food to make it a fun baby shower food is to make little sandwiches. You can use normal bread, but try to find a tin cookie cutter that is sharp enough to cut each piece of bread. Find a cookie cutter that is in the shape of baby items, cut the bread, and then make your sandwiches. This way the sandwiches are in the shapes of bottles, booties, carriages, and other fun shapes.

Making fun baby shower food should be exciting. You don't have to stress over trying to decide upon what kind of food to make. Anyone can add a few touches to a dish and make it fun!