Email Your Baby Shower Invitations

In today’s world, everyone is going green. Why not do your part in saving the environment by emailing your baby shower invitations? There are several websites you can go to to select baby shower invitation templates that you can design with your special touch and email out to your friends and family members. One top website geared towards designing your own baby shower invitations and then emailing them out is Evite. This website has a huge selection of party invitations for every occasion including baby showers. Another website to try is Sendomatic. You can also search for e-card websites for baby shower invites. This article will walk you through the Evite website and teach you how to design your personalized email ready baby shower invitations as well as how to send them out to your contact list.

The first step is visiting the Evite website. Do a search of baby shower invitations and you’ll come up with at least five pages of results for you to choose your email baby shower invitation from. Take a look through the different baby shower invitations and select one that either coincides with the theme of your baby shower or relays the message that you would like to email to your friends and family members. Click on the “Select” button associated with the email baby shower invitation that you would like to personalize. This first page will take you step-by-step through the personalization of your baby shower invitation. You have the option to select a catchy title to your email baby shower invitation. Next you’ll be asked to fill out the basic information such as who is hosting the party, the date of the party, where it is located, RSVP information, and any special messages that you would like to include such as a short poem or where you are registered for baby shower gifts.

After you have entered your personal message and all of the pertinent information, you have the option to review what the final email baby shower invitation will look like by clicking on the “Preview” button. Once you have previewed your email baby shower invitation, click on the button that says “Add Guests”. Here you will be given a blank screen with the option of importing your email contact list from your personal email address book or, if you are a previous Evite user and have a stored list of email contacts, you can log in to your saved Evite contact list. Let’s say that you are new to and you would like to import your contact list from your personal email address book. Find the email program that you use (AOL, Yahoo, etc.) and enter your username and password. Your address book will pop up on the next screen. Check the box of those email addresses that you would like to send your email baby shower invitation to. When you are done, click the “Add” button. From there, you will be prompted to follow some steps until the email baby shower invitation is ready to send out.

Now, that wasn’t hard, was it? And to think, not only did it take you about twenty minutes, but you just did the Earth and your wallet good by sending an email baby shower invitation. Check out the above mentioned websites for “Thank You” cards to email out once your baby shower is over and you need to thank your guests for their baby shower gifts.