Elegant Ideas for Edible Baby Shower Favors

The most mind-wracking part to prepare for a baby shower is the favors! There are so many types of favors available and even more that you can make yourself, but not everyone want a run-of-the-mill type of favor. Especially with a mommy-to-be that won't appreciate the cutesy type of favor, the hostess is left with the question: “What types of elegant baby shower favors are there? Can they be both elegant and edible baby shower favors?”

Thankfully, the answer is, “Yes.” There are a lot of elegant and edible baby shower favors that you can buy, create, or make.

One type of edible baby shower favor that hostesses want to give are the personalized types. Aside from tacking a sticker on to the container, there are a few other kinds of elegant and personalized edible baby shower favors you can make.

Top among these are tiny cakes. These miniature cakes can easily be frosted with poured fondant or chocolate ganache and decorated with monograms, the baby's name, or the date of the baby shower. They can also say “Thanks!” and double as a thank-you card for the guests as well. These can be easily done with extruded sugar decorations and letters from cake specialty companies like Decko or Wilton; you don't even need to know how to pipe icing to do this!

There are a myriad of cakes that can be used in this manner. The best would be rather sturdy cakes like pound cakes, carrot or banana cake, or even a baked cheesecake. This elegant little morsel may not even survive the ride home.

There are wonderfully delicious cookies that can be ordered online or at your local bakery that can be decorated according to your specifications. Whether it's the theme of your baby shower, a special symbol that is special to the mommy-to-be, or a specific phrase that you want put on, it's all possible given enough time.

Edible baby shower favors that can't be eaten right away are beverages that are packed into special tins or bottles. You can easily create “sand art” using different colors of sugar, freeze-dried coffee, milk or creamer, instant tea, and special additions like miniature marshmallows and colored sprinkles. Mixes of spiced sugar-coffee-creamer mix, hot cocoa mix, or spiced hot tea mix can be found on the internet and created in less than an hour. If it suits the theme, mixes of mixed bean soup, brownies, or cake can be made, too.

Unusual teas and coffees can be packaged all by themselves. Either put in a special tin, or in a satin covered jewel box, the packaging will show how special this gift is. Packaging can be ordered online and bulk packs of gourmet tea and/or coffee can also be divided and packed within minutes. Accessorized with beautiful ribbon, beads, or costume jewelry trinkets, these little favors can be made truly personal and exquisite.

Chocolate is another popular edible baby shower favor. They can range from specialty truffles flavored with orange, almond, coffee, liqueurs, and brandy, rum or champagne to bars of European chocolate finished with a personalized wrapper. Nothing says elegant and edible like chocolate.