Beautiful and Edible Baby Shower Decorations

Using edible baby shower decorations are not as strange as it sounds, as the most popular edible baby shower decoration is the cake! These, like edible baby shower favors, are becoming quite popular both for convenience and for their environmental impact – there is nothing left to recycle. Why not try your hand at making a few for your next baby shower?

Bowls of fruit and flowers are usually what comes to mind when talking about these edible and cheap baby shower decorations. But you can move beyond that tried and true centerpiece arrangement and try out something new. One woman created a tower of sugared, cocoa and chocolate dipped, and plain doughnut centers that were simply stuck on toothpicks and pushed into a foil-covered styrofoam tree form. Unusual? Yes, but extremely affordable, easy, and eye-catching!

A few variations on this idea use small whole fruits like clementines, grapes, tiny apples, and limes. To make life easy, use fruits that have skins that need to be peeled. That way, there is no need to peel or shape any fruit, neither is there that sticky problem of keeping the fruits from browning. Also, rather than using toothpicks, use barbecue sticks that have been cut down to size. Use a pointed end of a stick to make a guide hole into the fruit and push the blunt end in, and stick the pointy end of the trimmed stick into the foam form.

A homemade baby shower decoration that is sure to be consumed is a centerpiece of caramel and chocolate dipped fruit. Use banana chunks, whole strawberries, tiny apples, dried whole apricots, and cherries for these extremely decadent edible baby shower decorations.

Other ideas are to use cupcake or petit fours trees in the middle of the tables or on the buffet table itself. Choose cupcake trees that are decorated with beads to add that teeny bit of sparkle to the table. Paired with votive candles around the tree, these edible towers will definitely be a test for your guests' EQ levels!

And for family baby showers, the lollipop candy bouquet will keep the kids enthralled. These candy bouquets employ different lollipops and candies instead of flowers to make eye-catching decorations. A mix of different types of candies like whirly pops, lollipops, sticks of rock sugar, marshmallow flowers, and wrapped candies stuck onto sticks are sure to give any child a virtual sugar rush!

As another idea for a baby shower, the edible baby shower decorations can also be used to cement the theme when used as place card holders. Imagine a garden themed baby shower that uses a cookie lollipop decorated as a flower stuck into a tiny pot painted with the guest's name and embellished with a sweet bow? Or a French themed baby shower brunch with a perfectly shaped croissant on your plate with your name on a pick? A chocolate themed baby shower could have a beautiful chocolate petit four sitting on a cut doily of parchment with the guest's name written on it. You can really run with this idea!