Ideas for Edible Baby Shower Centerpieces

If you're looking for easy and unusual baby shower centerpieces to make, a great idea is to use edible baby shower centerpieces. Created from all kinds of food, these make beautiful, colorful, and definitely affordable baby shower centerpieces. A great plus is there's usually nothing to clean up – usually your guests will have eaten them up by the time the baby shower is over.

These edible baby shower centerpieces can also double as baby shower or baptism party favors. As easily deconstructed as they are to put together, you can definitely hand them out at the end of the celebration; this is an added boon if you are hosting a family baby shower and there are kids present.

Making these eye-catching centerpieces for baby showers are mostly quick and easy. Let's go over a few samples here:

One of the cutest edible baby shower centerpieces are fruit arrangements. Not just bowls plunked in the middle of the table and filled with fruits, these are truly imaginative arrangements. Simple fruit arrangements could be tall cylindrical vases of different heights filled with fruits of complementary or contrasting colors.

An edible baby shower centerpiece that pulls double-duty is the fruit flower bouquet. Made of whole and cut fruits arranged like flowers, this serves not only as an impressive centerpiece but as pretty additions to your refreshments. While this looks a bit complicated, this is rather simple to make.

You will need a ball of floral or styro foam, aluminum foil, wooden or bamboo barbecue sticks, a wide-based container (this arrangement is rather top heavy), clippers, fruits like strawberries, grapes, starfruit, melons, and pineapples. You can also use miniature apples, oranges, and pineapples in this arrangement. To shape the fruits, you need star and flower shaped cookie cutters plus a melon baller.

Cover the foam with the aluminum foil and push into the container. It should be a tight fit so it resists moving and tipping later on.

Cut the pineapple into about 6 slices crosswise. Use your cookie cutter of choice to shape the fruit slice. Form balls from the melons. Form a pineapple flower with these two fruits by pressing a barbecue stick into the pineapple slice and the melon ball. You can vary the way this flower looks by using a small strawberry instead.

Make different “flowers” by skewering strawberries, three or four melon balls, five to six grapes, and crosswise slices of the starfruit. Make as many as you need to make a full arrangement in your chosen container. If it's a really big one, use whole fruits to take up more space. If desired, cover up any “bald spots” with leaf picks made of edible herbs like peppermint or sweet basil and heavy floral wire.

Other edible baby shower centerpiece ideas make use of candy, cake or cookie lollipops. Used to make “floral” arrangements in the same way as the fruit flower arrangements, these truly fanciful arrangements prove to be favorites with any children attending the baby shower, although the sentiment may not be echoed by their mothers!