Do it yourself Baby shower invites

Preparing baby shower invitations is a fun activity for many. There are so many themes that come with baby showers so once you establish your favorite, coming up with the rest should not be a big deal.

Importance of making your own invitation cards;

• Making your own invitation cards gives them a unique sense of personality and style. When you are the one designing the cards, you can make them become exactly want you want. This means you will use your own words, exact colors and papers. This way there will be no searching or settling for what you think you had an idea of but you will actually be able to come up with what you have or had in mind. You will get to have what you want.

• Your guests will have a sentimental invitation which will be worthy to appear in their photo albums and scrapbooks. Who would not want that anyway? To come up with something so interesting that people will want to keep it as long as they live. Something bought from a shop or a blah looking invite is not as interesting as what can is personally designed. These are items that are appreciated and kept marking a major milestone in your lives.

• By using your publisher and typewriter, you can save up on a lot of money. It’s kind of chic and cool anyway. Thereafter print them out yourself. You also get to choose your own unique fonts which bring about the first point we looked at; personality.

Tips on how to keep your shower invitations ideas simple:-

• Getting everything ready before time i.e. papers, decorative papers, the content to be used, e.t.c. will make you run this work smoothly. Thereafter you can either cut them yourself or have them taken to a copy shop where they will assist you on cutting and copying. This is a lot cheaper and makes it easier for you than you think. It also saves up on your printer ink because you will not be using yours in this case.

• Another tip would be using glue runner as a substitute for craft glue or glue stick because it saves up on time. Also, it is not messy as the other ones which are mentioned and does not stick on your hands. As long as you buy enough, you will be good to go. Using glue sparingly will also help you save up on money. This glue works well; all you need to do is use a little on all your corners and edges. Having permanent glue on standby is also important.

• Gather your close friends when making these invitation cards and share on ideas, make some cocktails or open a wine bottle and have everyone help out with the invites. One person can work on cutting the paper while the next can do the folding and attaching and so on and so forth. This way, you will have the invitations ready in no time.