Baby Shower Card Message Ideas and Baby Shower Wishes

If you were invited to a baby shower party, you need to attach to your gift a baby shower card message. Also known as baby shower wishes, the cards have to contain your name and also a special message for the parents. Of course, congratulations are a must, but it’s recommendable to add some nice words too. They don’t have to be fancy, just sincere and straight from the heart.
If you are very close to the mom-to-be, try to find something personal and thoughtful for the baby shower card message. Here are some ideas:

“Our beloved daughter, we are so grateful to be here with you, to welcome the coming of our new (or first) grandchild. Love, Mom and Dad!”

“Being your sister is a great privilege, and I plan to be the perfect aunt for your little baby. Congratulations (your name)”.

“Here’s just a small gift for your little baby – the true gift to her/him is that I will always be there for the two of you. Your best friend, (name)”

Maybe you prefer something funny for the baby shower card message. There are a lot of amusing advices for the parents that you can write on the card message. For example, beside the gift for the baby, you can add a sleeping eye mask for the mom and come up with a hilarious message, such as:

“Get all the sleep you can right now, because, after the baby is born, you will spend all your nights wide awake. Congratulations on your baby, (your name)”, or:

“I heard you are worried about having enough space after the baby comes. Well, you can always get rid of your bed. Congrats on your bundle of joy, (your name)”.

“Only a few years more and you’ll be able to say: I told you so! Congratulations to the proud parents and our best wishes, (your name).”

Most parents love a funny baby shower card message. However, you should write humorous baby shower wishes only if you are a good friend of the soon-to-be parents and you are certain they will taste your jokes.

Using some sweet verses is an elegant approach, when it comes to baby shower card message and baby shower wishes. You can search for meaningful, insightful verses online or you can read some of your favorite poems and try finding something suitable for a baby shower card message. Here are some ideas that are suitable both for baby boys and baby girls:

“Two tiny hands and two tiny feet
Your own little angel will be so sweet!
Congratulations on your new baby. Love, (your name)”

“Someone special, someone dear,
Someone new to love is here!
We wish you to enjoy every single second of the amazing journey that being a parent is. Congratulations, (your name)”