Baby Shower Candle Poems

Baby shower gifts will certainly be special and very useful for the mom-to-be. Choosing such items with care and love is of uttermost importance.

Apart from being useful, a baby shower gift needs to be original.

The same applies to baby shower favors. These little gifts are usually designed for the guests of the event and taken home as a sweet memory of a very special event. Both gifts and favors can be customized in a way that will make them unique.

Poems are certain way to make a difference and have that special touch present. A poem puts in words emotions, love and best wishes. It can be touching or very funny. The selection of an appropriate poem will add vitality to an object.

Whether you are attending or organizing a baby shower, you can use some poems to present with either gifts or baby shower favors.

Baby Shower Candle Poems
Baby shower candle poems are usually presented alongside a personalized candle that has been created especially for the event.

In essence, baby shower candle poems state that the candle should be lit once the baby is born as a memory of a special day.

If you are clueless about appropriate baby shower candle poems, you can make use of one of the following suggestions. Customize the poems in any way that will make them appropriate for the occasion:

Here's a candle for you to light,
Once the stork has made its flight.
With the flicker of the flame,
Say a prayer in the baby's name.

This is a gift for you today,
So when I'm born you'll light my way.
And when that happy day is here,
Burn this candle and spread good cheer.

We shower Baby with gifts, it's true.
But this shower gift is just for you!

I'm here though you cannot see.
Thank you for coming to share this day with Mommy, Daddy & Me!

In essence, the candle can hold a fun little message or a thank you note for everyone who has attended the baby shower. To make it even more personalized, you can add the name of each individual right above the poem. This way, the verse will be addressing the individual guest.