How to Make Baby Shower Brownies

First of all, I am going to teach you how to make your own baby shower brownies from a brownie mix. If you want to make the brownies from scratch; you can, but using a mix is just as efficient. The fun part will come in decorating the brownies for the baby shower. Choose whichever brownie mix you prefer and read the directions label. Decide how many brownies you want to make for the baby shower and buy the amount of mix boxes you will need.

You are also going to want to know how you will decorate the baby shower brownies. One suggestion, if you know the gender of the baby, is to buy blue or pink M&M’s. Most stores now sell M&M’s by the color and you can find pastel blue and pink ones at most major retail stores. I have seen them in the candy aisles. They are usually in clear square containers. Once you have prepared the brownies per instructions, dot the top of the batter with either pink or blue (or yellow if you don’t know the gender) M&M’s.

Another great way to make your own baby shower brownies to give as a gift is to decorate them with the M&M’s as suggested above, by loosely tying a ribbon around each brownie to resemble a gift, or, if you are skilled enough, you can ice the brownies with a beige colored frosting and then make each baby shower brownie look like a building block. To do this, you can either use a frosting tip tool to draw a colored border around the edges and then draw a letter in the middle of each baby shower brownie building block; or, for those that lack the hand-eye-coordination the above would involve, you can improvise.

Make your own baby shower brownies by using licorice string as your border. As for the baby shower brownie block letters you have two choices. The first one would involve using letter stencils. Once you have applied the beige colored frosting, to resemble wood color, put the brownies in the freezer for about 30 minutes to make the frosting hard. Once the frosting is hard, place the stencil over it and brush over it with a dark chocolate frosting. The easier method would be to use cut out cardboard letters. Just make sure everyone knows not to eat the letters!

You can make your own baby shower brownies to give as a gift to the mother-to-be or give a batch out as one of the party favors. There are so many ways to decorate or customize baby shower brownies; you just need to decide which looks best to you and usually take into consideration the quickest and easiest way to make your own baby shower brownies!