Baby Blessing Poems

Blessing poems are also exceptionally beautiful and emotional. This is when the power of poetry unfolds fully, giving you the chance to deliver the most special and unique message to your loved ones and dear friends:

A baby is a blessing,
In each and every way,
We thank God for our children,
Every single day.
A baby is a precious gift,
Sent from the Lord above,
So show your children patience,
And shower them with love.
A baby is a miracle,
And God so loves a child,
So teach your children of His love
It will be worth your while!

A perfect blessing is a child,
With coos so soft and temper mild,
A baby truly is a gift
Sweet smiles can make your spirits lift.
So many pressures in our lives,
But when that little one arrives,
It's like a breath of freshest air
And an answer to a prayer.
So thank God for your little one,
Your task at hand has just begun,
And do remember all the while,
A perfect blessing is a child.

Littlest one
May God hold your hand
And lead you safely through
A life that is truly perfect
That is what I
Wish for you.