Baby Shower Banner Wording and Quotes

There are a lot of party accessories you need to prepare, when organizing a baby shower party. The baby shower banner and the invitations are very important. They will set the tone for the entire party, so make sure you pick something that’s sweet, touching and funny. When you are selecting the theme for the baby shower party, it’s a good idea to consider the wording and quotes you will be using. Some themes are pretexts for great wording and quotes. If you feel like those messages are very important for the mom-to-be, you can pick a theme based on the wording you want to use.

Baby shower banner wording and quotes
You can go with something very simple. The standard wording for a baby shower banner sounds like this: “Congratulations, (name of the parents or parent) on you little baby boy/girl” or “Welcome to the new (family name) baby. Congratulations (mom’s first name) and (dad’s first name)”. Unless you have some better and more original ideas, those wordings are just fine and they suit any baby shower.

Still, most parents appreciate if you take the time to find something more personal for the baby shower banner. Here are some examples that will help you find the perfect wording or quotation for your baby shower:
“Love, joy and beautiful dreams
All the sweet things a baby brings.
Congratulations, (mom’s first name) and (dad’s first name)”.

You can also use something that matches the baby shower theme. For example, if you picked up Winnie the Pooh as theme for the baby shower, then you can use a meaningful quote from one of the Winnie the Pooh books or movies: “Some people care too much, I think it’s called love. Congratulations (mom’s first name) and (dad’s first name) on your baby boy/girl”.