Luscious Baking Ideas for the Next Baby Shower

If people's comments are to be believed, the baby shower is just another excuse to think up new baking ideas that will have all the guests salivating. Well, not too many women are denying that claim, so there may be some truth to that matter!

Now, if that claim is true, then the baby shower cake or a variation of it should be one of the more important points of consideration when planning the baby shower. The best flavor to get is always the mommy-to-be's favorite, although there will usually be no complaints if a decadent chocolate cake is served.

Unusual flavors now rule the baby shower food kingdom. Whether the cake is white chocolate filled with fresh berries and cream, a gingerbread cake with brown sugar frosting and caramel crackling, or a mandarin orange cake with a rich chocolate fudge frosting and topped with candied orange slices, it's this experimentation that keeps the dessert table fresh baby shower after baby shower.

Although, you can steer away from the old favorites and offer something else instead. It's been a practice for quite a while to offer cupcakes instead of a whole cake to make portioning easier, but why not vary that further and serve four or five different flavors of cupcakes instead? With different flavors and colors of frosting embellishing the top of the cupcakes, they will make a truly pretty and delicious-looking arrangement on the table.

If cupcakes seem tired to you, why not stand miniature jelly rolls on end instead? Wrapped in pretty parchment and cinched with a ribbon, these can be stood on end like how a diaper cake would look. Further decorated with sugar leaves, flowers, and maybe a butterfly or two, this is a truly sweet yet simple way of serving cake.

While not baked, per se, little bonbons can also make an impression at the buffet table. Made of cookie or cake crumbs held together with eggs, melted butter, and sugar then baked again after being rolled out into little balls, or mixed with cream cheese then rolled into balls and frozen until firm and dipped into melted chocolate. After the chocolate hardens, they are ready to serve.

Liven up your favors and prizes with baking ideas as well. You can choose to hand out cute sugar cookies in the shape of baby items like rattles and baby booties that are decorated with sugar icing. If you make the cookies into lollipops, they can even be used as centerpieces at the tables, adding interest to floral arrangements and the like. Just be sure to stick them into floral foam instead of plain water!

Why not make these baking ideas part of the baby shower games? No one will complain that eating will start a little earlier. Have each guest put on a large apron or sheet and pair them off. Let each one feed the other a cupcake using their weak hand and a teaspoon. If you want to make it harder, then have one person feed the other but make the feeder blindfolded. The first pair that finishes the cupcake is the winner.