A Downpour of Joy Can Come in Sprinkles

You all might be wondering what on earth are baby sprinkles? They sound like a yummy dessert topping or a slight prelude to a summer rain. It actually is a baby shower that can be given to repeat moms on a smaller scale. This however does not diminish the true spirit of the celebration even though the expectant mom is not a first-timer. It is still a warm get-together of family and friends who want to welcome baby #2 (or three, four...) into the world with their love and blessings. There are many ideas for hosting a baby sprinkle.

Although most mothers who are expecting once again tend to have everything they need inherited from the previous baby, baby sprinkles can still be purposeful and festive. For example, family and friends can opt to pamper the mom-to-be, who often neglects her own well-being once the baby is born. Your baby sprinkle can focus on bed and bath gifts, home spa products, a new fashion wardrobe, make-up, accessories, bags, shoes and so much more! Anything and everything to make the mom-to-be feel special and cared for. Reminding her that she is just as important as any new-born.

Another option for a baby spinkle theme is to host a low-key baby shower. You can prepare a small party with the usual food and simple decor, but this time you can request guests to gift smaller and practical items. Instead of giving big items like strollers, car seats and cribs which the parents already have, why not give bottles, diapers and toiletries? Things that the new parents and baby can use on a daily basis.

Lastly, baby sprinkles can also be about both parents. Couples usually lose themselves in the frenzy of feeding, changing, house chores and day jobs. There is no doubt that new parents (most especially if they are repeat parents) are exhausted from all the additional daily activities that the new baby brings. You can perhaps pitch-in and treat the couple to a massage, a romantic dinner or better yet baby-sitting duties. Friends can alternate an hour or two just to give the couple some much-needed alone time. What's more is that you can be creative as to how you can surprise them with these gifts. You can have a small get-together with play-to-win games such as charades, bingo, board games, and even drinking games. As one wins, you can have them draw a prize (like in a raffle) that will be given to the couple.

Baby sprinkles need not be any less fun and meaningful than the original baby showers. Treat them as another chance to reconnect with expectant parents, family and friends. For at the end of the day, what truly matters is that you get to express your friendship, love and support -- all over again.