Baby Sprinkle Planning

Pregnancy is definitely very good news regardless if it's a first born baby or not. Every baby is a gift from above. The coming of the first baby is normally celebrated with a baby shower. Some people think that every child after the first deserves the same celebration as well just to be fair. This is fine as long as the couple is not on a tight budget. But if they are, a baby sprinkle is the best alternative because the parents have already bought important things such as cribs, car seats, strollers, high chairs and a lot more from their first baby. Practically speaking, the baby does not need to be showered with gifts anymore. A sprinkle of little necessities is enough.

A simple baby sprinkle can be made unforgettable and exciting as long as it is well planned. Thus, it is very essential for moms to consider the theme, invitations, decorations, food and gifts beforehand.

Choosing the theme for the baby sprinkle is not a problem for a creative couple. The internet is also available to look for themes. They may follow the theme or combine two themes together to make it more fun. Moreover, they could ask for advice from moms who have done baby sprinkles before.

The first thing to consider in planning the invitation for the baby sprinkle is to make a guest list. Oftentimes, the guest list only consists of family, relatives, and close friends. It is important to let the guest know that it is a baby sprinkle. Putting a little definition of a baby sprinkle will do. The invitation is also a good chance to let your guest aware what are the things you need for the second baby. Do not be embarrassed as well to put RSVP on the invitation.

Like any other events, a baby sprinkle needs decorations. It does not need to be very expensive. Since the event is a baby sprinkle, light decoration will do. Using soft colors is advised to bring a refreshing aura for the event. These colors may include blue, green, purple, pink or white. The couple could prepare a streamer for the event that would match the color of the curtains and sofa cloths at home. This way, the expense is the streamer only. Balloons that could match the table napkin is also a good combination. Flowers could also be used. It is also important to consider the theme of the baby sprinkle when planning the decorations.

In scheming the foods for the baby sprinkle, the couple must identify if they have enough for food. If they do, then they could prepare sumptuous meals for the guests. Otherwise, preparing a light meal is enough for the guests to munch on. They could prepare finger foods such as fried chicken, breads, crackers, chips and dips, etc. For not so hands-on parents, they could cater or celebrate the baby sprinkle in a restaurant. There are also restaurants that offer baby sprinkle packages wherein they prepare the foods and at the same time prepare the decorations, invitations and some also offer give-aways for the guests.

It is not appalling at all if the mother mentions the gifts she would like to receive. This is a baby sprinkle so guest should be aware that the purpose of the event is the sprinkling of the baby with little gifts. As mentioned earlier, putting a list of things a baby needs on the invitation is a good move to let the guest know what gifts to purchase for the baby. Since there are fewer guests for a baby sprinkle than a baby shower, it may be a good ideas to include only the things that a baby needs instead of things that are not essential.