Baby Shower Invitation / Invite Ideas

There are so many creative ideas that you can incorporate into your baby shower invitations. You can design invitations that are gender specific or you can do something cute for a more generalized baby shower invitation. Start your project about two months prior to your baby shower because you will need to send out the baby shower invitation at least three-to-four weeks prior to the big event. This article will give you some ideas for gender specific baby shower invitations as well as cute non-gender specific invitation designs. Remember, when designing your invitations, the most important thing to do is to have fun.

So the picture in the ultrasound shows that you are having a baby boy. And you’ve decided that you want to design a baby shower invitation that lets all of the guests know that you are expecting a little boy. Here are some ideas for baby shower invitations that are geared towards little boys. Buy some cardstock in a boyish color such as blue or green. But some plain white paper as well as this will line the inside of the invitation. Cut the cardstock into an 8-1/2” x 5-1/2” sheet. The white paper will go over the cardstock and the cardstock that is beneath the white paper will act as a border so cut the white paper smaller than the cardstock. Paste the two sheets of paper together. Now it is time to pick a design. With a boy you can choose from animals to a sports theme. Go to the local crafts store and look for fun stickers. Close the invitation and punch holes using a hole puncher. Space the holes evenly. Now take a blue or green ribbon and lace it through the holes. The finished product is a baby shower invitation for a little boy.

If you are having a girl, you can follow the above steps but choose colored paper, ribbons and stickers that reflect a little girl. Choose colors such as pink and purple for the cardstock border. Look for stickers such as lollipops, soft cuddly animals or baby doll strollers. When you are ready to wrap up your little girl's baby shower invitation, choose a soft pink ribbon to wrap around the cardstock.

What if you don’t know the sex of your child or you do not want to disclose it? There are so many cute baby shower invitations still. On a neutral colored cardstock, find a stamp that resembles a baby’s footprint and stamp it onto the cardstock. Or, you can take a piece of cardstock and position it horizontally. Score the left and right sides of the cardstock so that they fold into the middle. Place some Velcro on the left and right sides and some in the middle so that they will close similar to a diaper.

There are so many ideas that can be used to create your own special baby shower invitation. Have fun getting creative because there really is no wrong way to do it. The baby shower invitation that you create will become a piece of memorabilia to be placed in your baby’s first scrapbook.