Non-traditional Baby Shower Announcements

It seems like more and more people are shying away from the traditional, especially when it comes to things like throwing a party or shower for someone. If you are among the folks that enjoy the nontraditional consider sending unique baby shower announcements as well. After all, who says you have to send a traditional invitation in the mail to a nontraditional party? Also, the invitation announcements help to set the theme and tone for your party. So how do you go about doing that, you ask? There are several ideas that can be used as they are or developed into something more unique and more personable for your tastes.

First, there are several candy companies that now put personal messages on candy wrappers, if not directly on the candy itself. You could have a couple lines printed on some candy and then have them distributed or delivered to people that you would like to invite. Keep in mind, that if you choose to go this route, you have to be extremely careful when mailing candy. Make sure it will not be susceptible to heat. Otherwise, it is a good idea to hand deliver a baby shower announcement of this type.

Along the same lines, you can create baby diaper, baby clothes, baby face shaped cakes or cookies to deliver along with your announcements. Better yet, write the invitation on the cookie or cake and turn it into the baby shower announcement itself. Although, you might rather save these great food ideas for part of the party itself and go a slightly traditional yet also nontraditional route instead.

If that is the case, you will be happy to know that the traditional colors of pink and blue pastels are branching out. Color combinations similar to wedding color themes are popping out. Combinations such as periwinkle and cream or blue and brown are becoming more popular. If daring is a bit more your style you might even choose a bolder color such as yellow. You can use these colors as a theme to create a paper invitation or baby shower announcement that can be mailed easily, yet still remain unique.

If your party has a nontraditional theme be sure to be specific about what sort of gifts you expect, who all can come, and what types of activities that might take place. Now days, some people choose to have donations sent to a charity in lieu of gifts or throw a party with a green theme, requesting hand-me-down gifts instead of store bought gifts. People are even throwing what they call non-shower baby showers where a backyard barbeque might take place or a child proof party takes place where guests help the mother and father make the house baby ready. In fact, you would neither need a traditional nor nontraditional baby shower announcement for that matter, for a party such as this, especially if men and children are also invited. You could just give everyone a ring on the phone or an invite in person. Everyone could come over and hang out, minus the traditional silly baby games. However, be mindful, if children are present, there will need to be appropriate activities provided to make them feel included.