How to Make Baby Shower Cupcakes

When planning your baby shower, refreshments are one of the top priorities of any party planner. What is the most important? Of course, it's the cake! It provides the little something sweet that every party guest craves, but wait! What if you are only having a few guests and don't have time to do a large elaborate cake? The perfect solution is cupcakes.

There are a few things that one needs to keep in mind when planning to use cupcakes for a foundational dessert. Cupcakes do tend to be a little messier and are harder to display detail on. They do however provide several individual canvases in which to display your art even if it is only temporary.

There are several different ways one could decorate a cupcake that would be suitable for a baby shower. One could use a marzipan icing and make rubber ducky cut outs or make a caterpillar out of fondant icing. There are also different flavor combinations one could use to make the cupcake look and taste good at the same time. The flavor combinations should enhance instead of overwhelming each other. There are also different ways to ice or glaze your cupcakes.

When planning your baby shower you should keep the time of year at the forefront of your mind. If you're holding your shower in spring time, then the typical spring decorations of bunnies and chicks might be appropriate. If you decide to go with something a little more religious then you may decide to use a dogwood flower or a lily if you are talented enough with flowers made of icing. For summer baby showers, rainbows or sunflowers might be an adorable choice. Fall cupcakes are a little more challenging as tree leaves tend to be difficult to make, but you could use silk decorations from any craft store. Winter decorations are easy to find and snowmen are notoriously easy to make with a little white butter cream icing.

What if you have chosen not to know the sex of your baby? How do you tell if a cupcake design is not gender specific? Well, some would suggest hiring a professional cake decorator for projects such as that. When hiring a professional cake decorator you must make sure that their establishment is clean and meets health department's standards for the safety of you and your guests. Make sure they only use the freshest ingredients and ingredients of quality. Most professional cake decorators offer a larger range of designs that they use for decorating cakes. They can use premolded plastic designs or icing flowers that they have had special training to make.

What about using holiday themed cupcakes instead of your usual baby bottles and rocking horses? If you are Jewish, you may decide to make cupcakes in the shape of a dreidle for Passover or Chanukah themed baby showers. Christmas cupcakes are a breeze as well. Icing Poinsettias make a lovely cupcake decoration!