Baby Shower Appetizers

Baby showers are all about three things: Games, gifts, and foods. If you think that you are all set with the menu, think again. If you still do not have an appetizer, then you still have some work left to do. One of the most fin things about showers is that people can forget about their diets and shovel down as much food as they can possibly eat.

The key is toying with ideas on baby shower appetizers. If you are not having the party catered, the next best thing is to just make your own appetizers. The truth is, it is not that hard to prepare finger foods as long as you know what it appropriate to serve at this kind of event.

Here are some starters that would be great to serve at baby showers:

· Baby quiche- This is very light in the stomach but still very flavorful. When you prepare this type of appetizer, make sure that the crust is perfect because this is the secret to a great quiche. You can choose from many different fillings as long as it goes with the theme of the shower. You might also do something really cutesy about the baby quiches by using different molders such as star shaped or heart shaped ones.

· Shrimp- You might be thinking that this is a little too Vegas for a baby shower but the truth is that everyone likes shrimp especially fresh ones. Shrimp would make a good appetizer especially if there is a rich creamy dip in the picture.

· Tortilla Roll Ups- This is the perfect roll on a stick that everybody at any kind of party will enjoy. It is very easy and fast to make, not to mention affordable.

· Crab puff- If you want to be fancier, crab puffs is the way to go. The secret is getting the right crab meat to filling ratio and having the right serving size.

· Mini Pizza- Now this is a real winner because it caters to everyone’s taste. Who does not enjoy a delicious home baked pizza? You can experiment with the toppings but the basics should be there: meat, cheese, and sauce.

Baby shower appetizers can be prepared for easily. In fact, you can do this on the day of the shower. Make sure there is enough for all guests especially when you are serving a measly main course.