Baby Shower Agenda Template and Samples

The organization of any event is difficult. If you are the person responsible for hosting a baby shower, you might get lost in all the details. You will have to think about guests, decorations, activities, present opening, the purchase of food and baby shower favors.

Setting the right agenda will give you a chance to organize the baby shower step by step. It is also a perfect way to distribute the right amount of time to each phase of the party. Remember that a mom-to-be might find it difficult to dedicate an entire day to the event. Do your best to come up with an adequate plan to help her enjoy the party.

Planning a baby shower agenda is the best way to keep track of time and to make sure everyone is having fun.

How to Organize the Agenda?
To come up with a baby shower agenda, you will first have to think of the most important phases of the party.

Sit down and list all stages of the baby shower.

The major phases need to include the arrival of the mom-to-be, time to welcome the guests, time to eat and socialize, time to play games and time to open presents. You might consider the presentation of the cake as a separate event during the baby shower.

Review the list and merge steps that seem to be connected or that hold little significance on their own.

Once you are certain that you have finalized the agenda, you can allocate time to each activity. Be realistic about it and include 15 to 20 extra minutes. Adding extras to the calculations will help you estimate how much the party will last at most.

If you feel uncertain about it, you can coordinate the agenda with the mom-to-be. She will tell you which activities hold special meaning to her and should be granted a longer duration.

Go through the agenda a final time. Edit anything that seems irrational or too long. Once you have finished working on it, you can use the agenda to carry out a pleasant and impeccably organized baby shower.

Baby Shower Agenda Sample
You are probably still at a loss. A baby shower implies having to think of too many party aspects simultaneously.

A baby shower agenda sample might help you get organized faster. Utilize these steps and modify them to correspond to the specifics of the party that you are planning:

1. Arrival of mom-to-be (point out exact time)
2. Arrival of guests (30 minutes)
3. Time to eat and socialize (40 minutes)
4. Games and activities (30 minutes)
5. Opening of presents (one hour)
6. Additional game (15 minutes)
7. Time to cut cake and drink coffee/tea (30 minutes)

If it makes you more comfortable, you can add the preparation time to the agenda. This will include the time you will need to decorate and the time needed to create a beautiful buffet table.

Create an agenda that you find useful. Feel free to remove steps or to add additional ones, if that helps you get organized. Make sure you allocate some time to each important aspect of the baby shower, if you want to feel confident about the work you have done.